London Matchmakers “creating your dating profile? No problem!”

Us London Matchmakers know just how difficult it can be to portray yourself in a desirable light and from a very unbiased point of view; some might say impossible. Talking about yourself and keeping the balance of not sounding to big-headed or too modest can be tricky. Also, summing yourself up in a set amount of words can be the hardest part, some even find it hard to put pen to paper when talking of themselves.

Well we find this to be one of the best parts of our jobs! Your dating profile is a window from which to market yourself in just the right shade of light and to ensure you’re being matched with someone who is not only similar to you but compatible in the long term. We think it is appropriate to have a good chat with our clients and get to know them a little bit both personally and socially- this enables us to give a 3rd party insight and put on paper an unbiased snippet of the kind of personality you may be introduced to when matchmaking with us dating PA’s in London. We also think it best to write a little bit about the person our singles would like to meet- this way when you read you can relate and get a bigger, more well rounded view of how this match will work out in the long-term.

If you are a client of Matchmaker London- do not fear we have your dating profile covered for your personal matchmaking, introductions and dating needs. However, if you are in the same boat as many of the other thousands of singles in London and need a helping hand for some descriptive writing our dating experts and dating personal assistants are on hand to help.

If you think you may not be photogenic and need some consulting on which photos reflect you best then just let us know! We think simplicity is key and have so many suggestions to keep your profile looking top notch. If you’re not photogenic then do not worry it isn’t all lost; we have a photographer to help you put that right foot forward at a very reasonable price- just ask and we will arrange at your convenience.

Drop us a line; tell us how many profiles you are in need of and we will get to work after your personal consultation which will help us understand a little more about you and the kind of person you are looking to meet. Say good bye to your cheesy chat up lines and dating profile worry’s as you’re in good hands with our professional matchmaking team of dating experts in London.

Matchmaking Team- London