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How to find a professional Matchmaker?

At this time of year so many people are looking for Love and finding a professional Matchmaker is just as difficult as finding a the right on-line site.  There are a few key points to remember:

  1. Do you like the people who will be working with you on your behalf, do you trust them and to you feel they understand what you are looking for...

7 signs that you need a dating coach!

The first thing I am asked is always “I am not sure if I need a dating coach, how can I tell?” Well if you can answer yes to 2 or more of these then we strongly recommend you banish the demons away and get the help you deserve.

  • Do you still hold a candle for an old flame, have you not quite managed to get through 48 hours without thinking about them and wondering “what if”?
    1. If this is the case then you really need to work on ditching the baggage as you will never be able to move on...